In April of 2007, SMACNA UTAH contracted with Builders Bid Service of Utah the operation of their SMACNA Utah Bid Depository.


Builders Bid Service of Utah (BBS) is a non-profit bid depository system that is governed by, and services, subcontractors from nine different construction trades:

  • Masonry
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Painting
  • Plaster
  • Acoustic Tile
  • Drywall
  • Roofing
  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Sheet Metal

BBS was established in 1966 to promote, foster, and protect the competitive bid process through structured bid procedures. This structuring is designed to provide improved bid results while reducing bid day chaos for general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and owners alike.


BBS advocates an environment where participating subcontractors are treated equally in the competitive bid process and where all may experience the same benefits of open competition that apply to the general contractor. Because the nature of competitive bidding often involves substantial risk, and is typically a costly, time-consuming endeavor, we affirm the right of each contractor to take every moral precaution to protect their bid investment. While a depository system cannot eliminate unethical behavior, it can, through the commitment of its supporters, cultivate a climate where the potential for damage is greatly reduced.

In short, BBS strives to balance the integrity of the competitive bid process by--

  • Maximizing responsible sub bidder participation
  • Maintaining a common code of conduct
  • Identifying a uniform scope of work to bid
  • Establishing a timely bid deadline and distribution system
  • Providing unbiased post-bid results

To accomplish this goal, BBS incorporates the following services with each of the projects it carries:

Project Listings - BBS distributes a weekly listing of upcoming depository projects which includes a summary of the work involved for each trade. The listing is available free of charge to all interested parties via the internet and/or facsimile.

Bid Forms - BBS reviews plans and specifications to produce notes and customized sub bid forms for each project in order to help clearly identify the scope of work and thereby improve comparative bid results.

Depository - BBS provides a convenient, internet based, electronic depository system whereby subcontractors may register bids to desired general contractors via a customized, user friendly template. Likewise, at the appointed hour, general contractors may instantaneously retrieve all sub bids registered to them from the same secure electronic source.

Recaps - Immediately following the close of the prime bid, BBS provides an unbiased recap of all registered sub bids to those subcontractors who bid the project via the service.

Resources - BBS also functions as a contractor's resource center for information regarding licensing, contracts, legislative, and payment issues.


Any responsible subcontractor licensed by the State of Utah in any of the nine trades BBS serves may use the facilities to submit bids. Likewise, any licensed general or mechanical contractor may elect to receive bids from any or all of the registered trades. Participation is as easy as registering your intent to bid. No initiation fee nor prepayment is required of any participant prior to bidding on any given project. Simply call or write for additional information, document samples, or to activate your participation. 


In lieu of annual dues, BBS user fees have been established to maintain the non-profit, administrative affairs of the service. As such, only a sub bidder who is actually offered a contract to perform work on a project carried by BBS owes a fee. Also, no fees are due until the first contract payment has been received. (Note- In the case of the contract being awarded to a sub who bid outside of the service, the awarding general is responsible for the associated fee.)  Since 1976, the fee schedule has remained the same at 3/4 of 1% (.0075) of the contract amount with a $750 maximum per contract ($900 maximum for sheet metal). See Rules And Procedures for additional terms and conditions.